Snowboarding Terms, Snowboard Industry

Snowboarding Terms, Snowboard Industry

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If you're new to snowboarding, the array of terms and slang can be daunting. Here's a quick guide to help you decipher some common snowboarding terms.

Powder: Powder is the light, fluffy snow that's freshly fallen and untouched. It's ideal for snowboarding, and most riders seek it out.

Gnar: Gnar is a term used to describe steep or challenging terrain. It can also refer to big waves in surfing or any extreme activity.

Carving: Carving is the act of making clean, wide turns on groomed snow. When done properly, it looks like you're carving a turn in the snow.

Pipe: A pipe is a halfpipe or U-shaped structure, that's used for performing tricks. Snowboarders ride up one side, do a trick, and then ride back down the other side.

Jibbing: Jibbing is a term used for riding on any non-snow surfaces, like rails or boxes. Jibbing can also refer to any small, quick trick.

Kick turn: A kick turn is a simple maneuver used to turn around on a narrow trail or in a tight space. To do a kick turn, you simply lift your front foot, spin your board around, and then set your foot back down.

Bail: Bailing is the act of intentionally jumping off your board to avoid a crash. It's often used when you're going too fast or when you're about to hit something.