Kemper was founded in 1987 by David Kemper who built his first boards in his garage in Ontario, Canada. Once the brand started to gain momentum, Kemper moved its board production to a factory in Montreal. Kemper Snowboards quickly became one of the biggest snowboarding brands around at the time and it and will probably be best remembered for fully embracing snowboarding’s neon period in both their snowboard graphics and their incredible range of funky outerwear. 

By the early 1990's business was booming and a pro team was even added. David eventually partnered with a windsurfing company in California who added Kemper Snowboards to their portfolio of brands. During that time, David relocated to California to help oversee the business, team management, and the growing product line. 

By 1994 the company was sold to an in-line skate company on the east coast and David officially parted ways with the brand. Shortly after, Kemper Snowboards officially went out of business.

In 2018, former professional snowboarder, designer, and marketer, Jib Hunt relaunched the brand.

Original Pro Team:

  • Adam Merriman
  • Andy Hetzel
  • Brett Johnson
  • Dave Dowd
  • George Pappas
  • Jay Quintin (Smokin' Jay)
  • J.D. Platt
  • Kurt Heine
  • Martin Gallant
  • Mike Basich
  • Nick Perata
  • Tina Basich

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