Kurt Heine – Kemper Snowboards

Kurt Heine

Kurt Heine Kemper Snowboards BioAge: 51
Started Snowboarding: 1984
Years Pro: 1988-1995
Years on Team Kemper: 1989-1991
Residence: Vancouver, WA
Home Mountain: Mount Hood
Instagram: @kurtheine
Facebook: Kurt.Heine.33

Kurt is the owner and welder of Heine Snow Tools (Shovels, rakes, rails, fun boxes and high speed winches). As a snowboard filmer, he's made over 35 snowboard movies filming for Mack Dawg, Standard Films, and Forum Snowboards during the years of 1991-2000. Kurt then owned and created his own movies under the movie production company called Strait Jacket Films during the years of 2000-2005. Following Strait Jacket Films, he then filmed for Forum Snowboards and Burton Snowboards from 2006-2014. Kurt is also known for filming John Jackson's X-Games Real Snow Backcountry 2015 Gold Medal run.

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