Ride Snowboards

Ride Snowboards Dale Rehberg

Ride Snowboards was founded by Roger Madison, Jamie Salter, and Tim Pogue in 1992. Prior to Ride Snowboards, Tim Poque was working at Kemper Snowboards, Madison owned indoor tanning salons, and Salter had his own sports marketing agency. The brand was officially offer their snowboards for sale at Snowsports Industry America: SIA in 1993 where a purple mini-ramp was part of their trade show booth.

The Ride Snowboards pro team was heavily involved with the design, shapes, and construction of the first round of snowboards. The Ride Snowboards pro team at the time consisted of Jason Ford, Dale Rehberg, Jake Blatner, and Russell Windfield. With a focus on freestyle snowboarding, Ride Snowboards quickly became a successful company within the snowboarding industry. 

In 1999, K2 Skis and Snowboards purchased Ride Snowboards to join their portfolio of winter sports brands and snowboards for sale.

Ride Snowboards produces men’s snowboards, women’s snowboards, men’s snowboard bindings, women’s snowboard bindings, men’s snowboard boots, women’s snowboard boots, men’s snowboard outerwear, women’s snowboard outerwear, and snowboarding gear.

Notable Ride Snowboards are the Ride Mtnpig, Ride Superpig, Ride Warpig, and the Ride Helix.

The Ride Snowboards team consists of Jake Blauvelt, Jake Welch, Hana Beaman, Danimals, Derrick Lever, Spencer Schubert, Jed Anderson, and Brandon Davis.