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Utah’s Ski Resort Reservation System

How to Navigate Utah’s Ski Resort Reservation System

Because of COVID-19, the 2020-21 winter is going to present a few dilemmas for Utah snowboarders. Namely, will you get a pass at a place where you must reserve your spot on the hill? Or, will you opt to go for a place that is no-holds-barred?

Be forewarned that most Utah resorts are planning to limit skiers and snowboarders. They’re just choosing different methods. Some are implementing a lift access reservation system. Others are making you reserve a parking space. Most are asking you to buy daily lift tickets in advance for a specific date. Here’s what you can expect.

Park City

Vail Resorts has rolled a controversial reservation system. Season pass holders have to reserve lift access the week they’re going to ride with Vail Resorts releasing dates at the start of every week.

Early season access, until December 8th, is for Epic Pass holders only. You’ll be able to reserve seven days between December 8th and April 4th.

You won’t be able to buy day-of lift tickets, but you can reserve lift tickets in advance with a specific date and specific resort.


All kinds of Solitude season pass holders will be able to head straight to the lifts and enjoy life reservation-free. You won’t be able to purchase day-of lift tickets and rock up to the resort though. Those you’ll need to grab in advance online.


Right now, Snowbird isn’t technically requiring lift reservations. You will need to reserve a parking spot, which is free. Daily lift tickets are going to be limited. Snowbird is guaranteeing lift access for people who stay at the resort.


Brighton, which is part of the Ikon Pass, is currently not requiring any lift reservations.


Snowbasin is adamantly refusing to use a reservation system, but they are going to limit ski resort volume during peak times of the winter. You’ll need to purchase lift tickets in advance online; you won’t be able to buy day-of tickets at the lift ticket window.

Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain caps lift tickets at 1,500 people per day. They have to be purchased online and in advance. You’ll still be able to ride the snowcat. Season pass holders do not need to make a reservation, but they do need to sign a pretty extensive waiver.

Eagle Point Resort

This small, central Utah resort is capping lift tickets at 750 per day with the anticipation of there being 250 season pass holders on the mountain at any given time. The resort asks that people purchase lift tickets in advance, but it’s recommended, not required.

The resort is also offering what it’s calling a “no worries” season pass assurance program, which guarantees season pass holders will be refunded. The amount of the refund correlates to how far into the season a theoretical closure might be.

Brian Head

Right now, Brian Head Resort isn’t restricting season pass holder access or daily lift tickets.

Cherry Peak

Currently Cherry Peak isn’t limiting volume on-mountain, including season pass holder visits or daily lift ticket purchases.