Snowboard Size Chart

Discover the ideal snowboard size for your riding style and body type with our comprehensive size chart. Find the right dimensions to maximize control, stability, and performance on the slopes. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, our expert guide will help you choose the perfect snowboard size for an unforgettable snowboarding experience. Don't settle for a mismatched board – use our size chart to unlock the ultimate ride. Act now and conquer the mountains with confidence.

Rider Weight All Mountain Length Freestyle Length
Up To 80 lbs
(36 kg)
137cm 132cm
80-120 lbs
(45-59 kg)
140cm 135cm
100-130 lbs
143cm 138cm
110-140 lbs
(50-64 kg)
147cm 142cm
125-155 lbs
(57-70 kg)
150cm 145cm
135-165 lbs
(61-75 kg)
153cm 148cm
145-170 lbs
(66-77 kg)
156cm 151cm
160-190 lbs
(73-86 kg)
160cm 155cm
175-205 lbs
(79-93 kg)
163cm 158cm
185-215+ lbs
(84-98 kg)
165cm 160cm