K2 Snowboards

K2 Snowboards

K2 Snowboards was established in 1994 by K2 Skis, who would later be known as K2 Sports. In the 1960s, the founder of K2 Skis, Bill Kirschner started developing and producing the first fiber-glass skis. In the 1980s the ski company decided to get involved in a rapidly growing snowboarding market and released its first neon snowboard for sale, called the ‘Gyrator’, in 1988. The K2 Gyrator was a 155cm snowboard and was an important part of snowboarding’s history and to this day is still a collector’s item. Even though K2 Snowboards emerged from a ski company, is has been considered one of the top core snowboard companies throughout the years.

K2 Snowboards made a name for itself as an innovative brand when they debuted a step-in binding system called the ‘Clicker’ in the mid-1990s. Another current-day innovation brought to snowboarding K2 is also part of the reason rocker camber made its way into men’s snowboards and women’s snowboards for sale.

Notable K2 snowboards for sale include the Cool Bean, Party Platter, Simple Pleasures, Joy Driver, and the Manifest.

K2 Snowboards produce men’s snowboards, men’s snowboard bindings, men’s snowboard boots, women’s snowboards, women’s snowboard bindings, women’s snowboard boots, and kids snowboards, boots, and bindings. The complete line up of snowboard models include all mountain snowboards, freestyle snowboards, jib snowboards, powder snowboards, and splitboards.