Mount Hood Meadows

Mount Hood Meadows Oregon Kemper Snowboards

Mount Hood stands mightily as the highest mountain in Oregon, USA. Its snow-crowned peak bespeaks a superb snowboarding experience evident in Mt.Hood Meadows, Mt. Hood Skibowl, Timberline Ski Lodge, Cooper Spur Mountain Resort, and Summit Ski Area. 

Mt.Hood Meadows, with about 870 hectares of terrain, is one of the largest resorts in Oregon. Meanwhile, its lauded intermediate terrain is known to many as the best in the state. The view is as breathtaking as its highest elevation at  7,300 feet. Meadows has five parks featuring lots of kickers plus a superpipe to keep everyone excited. Beginner to expert runs create maze-like structures promising a memorable ride on one of the best in the Northwest. A considerable portion of the mountain is a pro-only zone with the adjacent pitches of Clark Canyon and Heather Canyon. As to accommodation, guests have to book in nearby hotels since the resort does not offer lodging services.  

Mt.Hood Skibowl is a perfect place for families. They can enjoy lots of activities such as the truly unique Cosmic Tubing made more fun by riding under celestial lights made of LED, laser, and black lights. About 60% of the resort’s 960 acres of terrain are rated black diamond. Having said that, experienced snowboarders call Skibowl home with the many black runs it has in store—especially the ones near Skibowl Peak and Tom Dick Peak. About a half of its 69 day runs are lit for night riding, so boarders wishing to stretch the day can ride under the stars with an impressive lineup of 34 lighted runs up until 11 pm. From Skibowl West, beginners can hop on the Lower Bowl chairlift to reach some of the resort's green runs. Terrain parks and some great runs are reachable via the Multorpror chairlift from Skibowl East.  

Timberline Lodge Ski Area, located on the south side of the mountain, was built in the 1930s. Though it is considered a National Historic Landmark, its lodges are far from antiquated with its modern rooms, spa, and heated pool. The facade of the Timberline Lodge will ring a bell among moviegoers as it served as the exterior of the Shining's Overlook Hotel. Fun and practice in Timberline is an uninterrupted affair as Palmer Snowfield is the only riding area in North America to open all-year-round. Freestylers should also check its famous terrain parks. Amidst the busy backdrop of Timberline, a mellow ground awaits the young ones at the  East Leg Timberline Road. Kids have a playground at Snow Bunny together with other snow activities like tobogganing and inner tubing. 

Cooper Spur Mountain Resort is a lesser packed area on the northeast side of  Mt. Hood. Its secluded and laid-back vibe makes it a perfect place for families and casual riders. Log cabins are available for lodging depending on group size and preference. Summit Ski Area is another place of character which has a long history of service to snowboarders on Mt.Hood. It has operated since 1927 and is one of the oldest riding areas in the US. Its mellow terrain is a practice ground for kids and beginners practicing on deck. Owners of Timberline Lodge have purchased Summit and plans to connect the two are in place.