Salomon Snowboards

Salomon Snowboards

Salomon Skis was founded in 1947 who later created Salomon Snowboards in 1995. At the same time, Salomon Skis also purchased Bonfire Snowboarding outerwear from Brad Steward which also included having Brad oversee the marketing of both Bonfire Snowboarding outerwear and Salomon Snowboards. 

Salomon launched their snowboards for sale with a technical snowboard quiver which included simplistic, solid-color snowboard topsheet graphics. The original pro snowboard team consisted of Olympic snowboarders Daniel Franck and Michelle Taggart, and shortly after, Michael Michalchuk who was best known for his signature snowboard trick called the 'Michalchuk', a double-corked backflip.

The Salomon Snowboards marketing team focused on well-funded movie projects that helped establish the brand as a core snowboard brand within the winter sports industry. Notable snowboard movies worth mentioning include '91 Words For Snow' and 'Afterbang'. In 2014, Salomon Snowboards produced the snowboard movie 'Crazy Loco' featuring team rider Louif Paradis. The snowboard video turned out to be one of the most well received movies of the 2014/2015 snowboarding season.

The Salomon Snowboards professional snowboard team currently consists of Louif Paradis, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Harrison Gordon, Josh Dirksen, Max Buri, Nils Mindnich, Judd Henkes, Maddie Mastro, Annie Boulanger, Hans Mindnich, Chris Grenier, Victor Daviet, Desiree Melancon, Jesse Paul, Bode Merrill, Taka Nakai, Toni Kerkela, Tommy Gesme, Nirvana Ortanez, Will Smith, Riley Nickerson, and Artem Smolin.

Salomon Snowboards are headquartered in Annecy, France where all of the snowboard design and development are focused on. Salomon snowboards manufacturers and sells mens snowboards, womens snowboards, mens snowboard bindings, womens snowboard bindings, mens snowboard boots, womens snowboard boots, mens snowboard jackets and pants, womens snowboard jackets and pants, and snowboarding gear.